What Does Asthenic Mean?


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In Medical terms, Asthenic is someone who is weak or lacks strength. Such a person has thin and slender body or is termed ectomorphic. There is Asthenic Personality Disorder which is also called Dependent Personality Disorder. A person affected by this disorder shows pervasive traits and is pervasively dependent on another person. There is a fine difference between 'dependent person' and 'dependent personality disorder'. The difference is subject to cultural influences. Thus, the diagnosis is affected by such cultural influences like gender role expectations.

The person affected by this disorder or asthenic has low self-esteem. Asthenics are also attract depression and anxiety disorders. These people need constant approval and try very hard to please other people. They feel compelled to do certain things for their appetite for approval and do not express themselves. Thus, they get frustrated. The se people are the possessive and clinging ones in any relationship. When such relationships end, asthenics feel desolate and lack the confidence to handle their lives.

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