What Does Hyperesthesia Mean?


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Hyperesthesia refers to an uncharacteristic pathological augmentation or increase in sensitivity to sensory stimuli. Increased sensitivity of the ear to sound or the skin to touch constitutes hyperesthesia. The sense organs are the eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue. If there is an extra sensitivity in which these organs respond to the stimuli, then it is called hyperesthesia.

The condition of hyperesthesia is uncommon but prone to cats, for example the Siamese cats, Himalayan cats, Abyssian cats and Burmese cats.

The feline or Cat Hyperesthesia Syndrome is called the "rolling skin syndrome," with its symptoms being dilation of the pupils, sensitivity to touch around the tail, continuous loud mewing, showing annoyance to the tail portion etc. It is suspected that low quality food, over vaccination, consumption of some chemicals can lead to this condition.

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