What Does Handicapped Mean?


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Handicapped refers to person who has a disability or is impaired in some way. A handicap can be physical or mental. A physical handicap usually one that restricts mobility.

For example, "the theatre was equipped with a ramp for the handicapped spectators". The term 'handicapped' is considered as a derogatory usage for disable people. Handicapping in sports terms refers to several different methods used to level a sport or a game.

In a more informal manner of speaking, a handicap is also used to denote something that hampers or hinders progress. The word 'handicap' has come to be recognised as a derogatory term that implies weakness on the part of the individual. The term 'impaired' is the accepted and politically correct term.
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I have one kidny by birth. In my view I am also physically handicaped? It is corrct or not

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