What Does Hypertrophic Mean?


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Hypertrophic refers to the condition of "hypertrophy." An enlargement of the tissue or organ of the body due to the increase in the size of the constituent cells rather than the number is called as hypertrophy. The increase in the size of the muscle due to hypertrophy can result in improved functioning of the body tissue.

One can see a hypertrophic condition in an athlete whose muscle mass increases due to regular exercise. The hypertrophic condition is also the reason for the swelling of the uterus in pregnancy. An organ which is pressurized to do extra work because of the absence or dysfunction of the other complimentary organ often undergoes a hypertrophic condition. For example, in case one of the kidneys is surgically removed, the other enlarges hypertrophically, followed by an increase in the number of cells which a phenomenon is called hyperplasia. The thickening of the muscle lining like a heart muscle from high blood pressure is also a hypertrophic condition.

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