What Does Influenza Mean?


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The word influenza has its origin in Medieval Latin and is taken from the word influential. Influential means influence. The disease influenza derived its name from this term meaning influence. It is because it was then believe that the epidemics or diseases were caused due to the influence of stars. Later, it was adapted by the Italian. Influenza is a contagious fever and is caused by an influenza virus. This virus belongs to the family Orthomyxiviridae (family of Influenza viruses).

The viral infection causes inflammation of respiratory tract. Infected person experiences chills, muscular pain, coughing, severe headache, and fatigue. Influenza is transmitted through air. Influenza also affects the domestic animals. Grippe (also grip or gripe) spelt as is the archaic term for influenza. It was also known as epidemic catarrh or sweating sickness or Spanish fever.

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