How To Say Lauren In Italian?


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The name Lauren is best represented by the Italian equivalent Lorena (pronounced loh-reh-na).

The name 'Lauren' is of Latin origin, which is the primary reason it has equivalents in many of the 'romance' languages that evolved from Latin.

Its earliest feminine form can be traced back to Ancient Roman times - and was Laurentia, which comes from the word for the bay or laurel plant (r Laurus nobilis to all you biologists and horticulturists).

Famous Italian 'Laurens'
Perhaps the biggest reason for thinking that Lauren was a name of Italian origin would be the prominence of the Italian actress Sophia Loren. However Loren's original last name was the more Italian-sounding Scicolone, and the actress first adopted the stage name Loren when she starred in the 1952 film La Favorita.

In its Italian form, two notable Lorenas are the Italian TV presenter, actress and journalist Lorena Bianchetti, and the Italian female jazz singer Lorena Fontana.

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