How Do I Say Little One In Italian?


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There are a number of expressions that can be used to say 'little one' in Italian, all centering around the word 'piccolo' which means 'small'. Adding the suffix -ino in Italian can be used to imply both smallness or affection, so piccolino would be a way to give the more matter-of-fact piccolo a softer or cuter tone in much the same way using 'little one' rather than simply 'little' would in English. Another possible word you could use is piccino which applies for much the same reason. 

'Little one', as an expression, does not translate literally into Italian. This is because the word 'one' in English can also be employed as an adjective, a pronoun or a determiner- roles the literal translation of 'uno' does not enjoy.

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Poco uno
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The translation for the English phrase "little one" in Italian is "Piccolo Uno " .This is a more literal translation .You can also use " Piccolo bambino" which is a little baby.
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Why? "Piccolo uno" is NOT Italian. It means nothing to Italians and no Italian-speaker would normally utter it. There's a lot of ways to say "(my) little one". The coziest one is "(mio) piccolino", then you may also say "bambino (mio)", "piccolo", "bimbo", "bimbetto"...

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