How Do You Say 'Hair' In Italian?


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The Italian word for hair is capelli. This is the word used when referring to a 'head of hair' or more than one hair.

If you are referring to hair in its singular form, as in a strand of hair, the noun would take the singular form capello.   

Italians define hair colour slightly differently than we might in English.

A popular question that exemplifies this difference is the question 'Meglio le more o le bionde?' which means something like 'Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?'

In the Italian expression, brunettes are referred to as more (pronounced mor-eh) and actually means 'blackberries'.

Italian has many cases of colours borrowing their name for an example of their hue in nature. The Italian word for brown, for example, is Marrone, which shares its name with a particularly dark type of chestnut or castano (which is the name of yet another shade of brown associated with hair!).

Another interesting quirk of the Italian language regarding hair is that it distinguishes between the hair on your head, and that on the rest of your body.

Whilst capelli is the word for hair on your head, Italians use the word pelo (singular) or peli (plural) to refer to 'body hair'. For this reason, someone who is exceptionally hairy would be labelled peloso although, confusingly, Italians also use the word pelo to mean fur.

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