How Do You Say Megan In Italian?


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The name 'Megan' is a popular first name in English and Welsh speaking countries. Unfortunately it doesn't have a direct Italian equivalent.

Meaning and origin of the name Megan
The origin of the name Megan derives from Wales, where it was initially used as a diminutive form of the name Margaret. Eventually, it was distinguished as a first name in its own right, and was the most popular girl's name in Wales in 2006 (subsequently falling to second place since 2007).

As a derivative of the name Margaret, its meaning would then be attributed to the Greek word for 'pearl'.

Pearl in Italian
Considering the origin of the name Megan can be traced to mean 'pearl', it would then be possible to give you a slightly roundabout translation of the name Megan by simply translating 'pearl'. In this context, perla would be the Italian word for Megan.

Occasionally, you will hear the word bigiú figuratively used in Italian to mean 'pearl', although this is actually an adaptation of the French word bijou.

Either perla or bijou would make a cute nickname, screen-name or pen-name if you're looking for one to use instead of Megan - and if someone asked why you'd chosen that particular pseudonym, you'd be able to tell them all about it!

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