How Do You Say Brother In Italian?


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The Italian word for brother is 'Fratello' and can be used in much the same way it's English equivalent is.

A version of the popular television show Big Brother is aired as Grande Fratello in Italy, and even the slang use of the word 'Bro' in English is mirrored by the Italian use of the words fra' or frate.

The plural of fratello is fratelli, but can interestingly be used to refer to siblings of both genders collectively. For example, an Italian who introduces his sister would refer to her as 'mia sorella' or 'my sister'- but would refer to his brother and sister together as 'miei fratelli' or 'my siblings'.


The word fratello can be traced back to the Latin frater and could be used to refer to both siblings, friends and lovers. The Latin root can be seen in English words denoting brotherhood, such as the word 'fraternity'. The word fratello can also refer to a form of brotherhood in Italian, with it's ecclesiastic use commonly referring to friars or monks.

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Fratello means brother in Italian. The word is also the name of a guitar played by leading artists like Jack Wilkins and Leo Kottke for more than 25 years. There is also a restaurant by the name of Fratello's in Italy which specializes in pizzas and other unconventional but appetizing Italian dishes. Some of the items in the menu include soups, salads, pastas and courses with chicken food and seafood.

Fratello is also one of the leading companies in Italy manufacturing wines. The first wine which was produced by Fratello was Soave. This then lead to the establishment of Verona wines. Incidentally, Grande Fratello(Big Brother) is the Italian version of the number one reality show in the world Big Brother. The seventh season of the show will be aired on January 18th 2007.
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Italian word for brothers

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