How Do You Write I Love You In Japanese?


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Ai shi te iru, or Suki desu.

愛してる/あいしてる or 好きです/すきです。

Sorry to just repeat what another user wrote, there's just a spelling mistake in one of the posts and I wanted to just reinforce the correct spelling.

I won't go into why there are so many ways of writing the same thing in Japanese, if you're really interested in the language, go to JapanesePod101.comfor a better explanation than I could do here.

PS Haha this site won't let me type して in Roman letters because it's spelt the same as a naughty word!
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愛してる/あいしてる this is I love you... You can say this in japanese aishiteru
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1st, there are many ways of saying I
1 : Bokuwa = for young boys
2 : Watashiwa = for girls
3 : Orewa = for Older boys
2nd, There are many forms of words in japanese, but I prefer Hiragana to kanji, katakana, etc...
So I came up with this :
Bokuwa anata daisuki!
P.S. : Remember - Suki is pronunced "skee" not "soo kee"
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You can say ' ki mi wo ai shi te lu', which is written as  君を愛している, good luck with your study.

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