How Do You Say, 'I Love My Beautiful Daughter' In Italian?


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Amo la mia bellissima figlia (pronounced amo la meeya belees-seema feelya) is the translation of, 'I love my beautiful daughter' in Italian.

The word for daughter is figlia, and to say son you would use figlio.

Bella is actually the word used to refer to 'beauty' in the female form, but the use of the superlative bellissima would be more common in this expression.

The word for 'love' is amore in Italian and, just like English, can be used to mean anything from romantic love through to maternal love. L'amore materna is, incidentally, the translation of 'maternal love'

One recent news story that reflects the amount of love Italian parents have for their children is the organization of a small protest in Rome by a group of Italian parents demanding the state acknowledge the 15th of June as the official 'festa degli figli or 'childrens day' - just like the equivalent mother's and father's day that are already celebrated across Italy.

The parents at this protest argued that Sweden has recognized an official 'children's day' since 1916, and that it is time Italy also had a day dedicated to both celebrating children as well as addressing the problems they face.

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AMO LA MIA BELLA FIGLIA all the best..
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Diligo formosissimam filiam

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