How Do You Say 'Thank You For The Birthday Wishes' In Italian?


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'Thank you for the birthday wishes' can be translated to Grazie per gli auguri di compleanno in Italian.

Birthday wishes

To know how to thank someone for their birthday wishes, we'll first need to look at how we wish someone a happy birthday in the first place.

Auguri is the most popular word used to wish someone a happy birthday in Italy. It comes from the verb augurare which means 'to wish'- so the closest English expression would probably be something like 'best wishes'.

The full phrase that the Italian alludes to is auguri di buon comeplanno (or 'wishes of a good birthday') but simply saying auguri on its own is often enough.

Thank you

To say 'thank you' in Italian you'd use the word grazie (pronounced grat-syeh).

To express a particularly heartfelt thank you , you could add the word tanto at the end to mean 'thanks a lot'.

Grazie mille is another expression that Italians use to convey genuine gratitude, the translation of which is literally 'thanks thousands'.

Other birthday-related vocabulary

There are a number of things you may wish to thank people for during the course of a birthday celebration. Here is a short list of a few suggestions that I thought might come in handy:

- Presents/gifts = regali

- Cake = torta

- Birthday Card = biglietto di auguri di compleanno

- The drinks = le bevande

- The party = la festa

- Stripper = spogliarellista (although 'stripper' is also used in Italian)

- Bouncy castle- castello gonfiabile, giochi gonfiabili or just gonfiabili (meaning 'inflatables').

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