How Do You Say, 'Welcome Home' In Italian?


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The literal translation of 'welcome home' in Italian is benvenuto a casa, but this would only really be used to welcome someone to a home that they haven't been to before.

So, for example, if someone was unwittingly taking part in a daytime TV show  -bwhere a crew of builders and designers were secretly employed to re-build someone's home following a house fire, and the owner then returned to the plot where he expected to find the burnt out remains of his former abode and was instead welcomed by a brand new house - then the use of benvenuto a casa would be entirely appropriate.

For most other uses, you might refer to the phrase bentornato a casa, or simply bentornato - which stems from the root word tornato, meaning returned. This expression is used to welcome someone 'back' home, for example a soldier returning home after a tour of duty, or a relative returning home after travelling around South-East Asia on their 'gap year'.

The prefix ben- that is used in both of these examples comes from the word bene, meaning good. The use of ben as a prefix generally denotes positive connotations; for example benavere is Italian for 'the achievement of serenity', whilst beninformato means 'well informed'.
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