How Do I Say Best Wishes In Hawaiian?


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This is not a literal translation, but you could say Pomaika'i which is phonetically poh-my-kah-ee. It means Good Luck.

  • Google Translate

Google Translate is a handy online program that allows you to go from one language to another with ease. Unfortunately, it will not work for English to Hawaiian. It is brought up here because you may be able to find a similar phrase to Hawaiian. Hawaii is an island made up of many Polynesian residents, as well as those from the Philippines and other Asian countries. It is likely that "Best Wishes" is some form of either Filipino or Polynesian. You can use Google Translate to find the phrase in either of these two languages.

  • Look for a Hawaiian Dictionary
Online there are a few Hawaiian dictionaries, though we only managed to find the phrase Good Luck translated into Hawaiian. You may be able to find a Hawaiian dictionary in a bookstore or a book on Hawaii that offers some of the language phrases you would want to know.

  • Asking a Hawaiian
You may want to see if you can find a place online that would be willing to tell you. For example, a wedding chapel, wedding planner or any site to do with Hawaiian weddings may have the information or you may be able to ask it of the person that runs the site.

Though we were unable to find the exact word or phrase in Hawaiian, Good Luck can be a good replacement for Best Wishes. You are still implying best wishes, even though it is in a less formal manner. Pomaikai is a simple enough word to learn whether you are speaking it or writing it. Otherwise, you can always go with Polynesian or Filipino words to state the same thing.

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