How Do You Spell 'Sisterly Love' In Italian?


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The word for 'sister' in Italian is sorella and the word 'love' is written as amore, however to convey the phrase 'sisterly love' is slightly less straightforward because it can be written in a few different ways in Italian. One translation you could use would be 'l'amore fraterna' which can be used to refer to both sisterly and brotherly love.

How else can I say 'Sisterly love' in Italian? Alternatively, the expression -da sorella can be used to endow something with a sisterly quality, so 'l'amore da sorella' would be another viable translation. When using this expression, its worth noting that sorella doubles as the word for nun, much the same way 'sister' does in English.

If you wanted to portray love for a sister, the best way to say that would be amore per  la sorella. You could also use the word sorellina when refering to a younger sister.

Italians and their sisterly love Italians are renown for their close knit families, and the bond between sisters is an important one across cultures. One example of famous Italian sisters are the twin 'weather girls' and TV presenters Manuela and Marianna Ferrera. To translate 'twin sisters' into Italian you'd simply add the word gemelle to the plural of sister to form the phrase sorelle gemelle. Other 'sister' related Italian terminology you might find useful, especially if you're planning to visit some of Italy's holier sites, is the word suora which means 'nun'. The word derives from the Latin root for 'sister'.
Finally, you may hear Italians refer to a person as mia sorella maggiore. This is the equivalent of the English 'my big sister'. To refer to a 'little sister' or 'younger sister' Italians would simply add the diminutive suffix -ina to form the world sorellina.

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