How Do I Translate An English Phrase Into Italian?


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There are a number of ways to get your English phrases translated into Italian, with most of them only a few clicks away.

The most obvious suggestion would be to find a website where you can ask questions about pretty much anything, including the translation of phrases into all sorts of languages, and hope that someone in said site's community is brainy enough to give you the answer you're looking for. One such site can be found right here!

If you're looking for a quick translation, another option would be to check out one of the many translation sites available on the internet. These sites will be able to translate your phrases from English to Italian in a matter of seconds.

A few examples of these type of sites can be found here:

Google Translate

Bing Translator
The benefit provided by this type of site is that the translations are instantenous, and best of all they don't cost a dime!

The main drawback , however, is that the they are usually unable to identify expressional phrases or appreciate context. This can result in a translation that is accurate on a word-for-word basis, but will still read as gibberish to a native-speaker.

To get around this problem you might want to try out a professional translation service. This option will give you the guarantee of a correct translation, but may cost you time and money.

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