How Do You Say 'Thank You Dear Sir' or 'Thank You, Handsome Man' In Italian?


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To say 'thank you' in Italian you would say grazie. The Italian expression for 'dear sir' would most likely be caro signore and 'handsome man' would be translated to bell'uomo.

Thank you in Italian
The word grazie (pronounced grat-syeh) is one of the first words people pick up when learning Italian. Its meaning is simply 'thank you', although you can add tanto at the end to mean 'thanks a lot', or even grazie mille which means 'thanks a thousand!

The word grazie is actually the equivalent of  'graces' but, in Italy, this is the most conventional way of conveying gratitude.

'Dear Sir' in Italian
The word caro is the equivalent of the English 'dear'. As well as being used to show how close to your heart something is, caro can also be used to convey how 'expensive' you find something to be - just as 'dear' does in English.

For example, to say the phrase 'that Issey Miyake handbag is too dear!' (meaning too expensive), you'd say 'quella borsa Issey Miyake e troppo cara!'

The word for 'sir' is signore (pronounced sin-yor-eh), which also enjoys the dual meaning 'lord' and is also the equivalent to the title 'mister'.

Handsome man in Italian
Italian doesn't really have a word that specifically means 'handsome', but what it does have is a word for 'beautiful' that takes the male grammatical gender, which is the adjective used when we talk about un bell' uomo. The adjective in question is bello but, because the succeeding word uomo (Italian for 'man') begins with a vowel, bello drops its 'o' and takes on an apostrophe instead. Interestingly, a google image search for bell'uomo brings up a picture of Jude Law as its first image... I'm not sure I'd agree with that!

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