What Does The Word 'Witch' Mean?


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The word witch meant Wise woman or herbalist, midwife and healer.
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Oh dear, I am not suprised that we get bad publicity. I have practised witchcraft for many years now and I would not class myself as old, I am 37 , nor ugly and I myself have 2 children who are not scared of
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You are asking about one of the most dreaded words in the rural areas the world over. The word is used as noun and it describes a kind of woman who is believed to possess some magical powers in her and she can use these powers to so some evil things. You might have seen the picture of this kind of woman. She usually wears a pointed hat and has a broom on which she moves. Though her existence is still a concept of mythology, she is used as a dreaded character when some body wants to instill fear in her kids.

Sometimes the word can also be used in a disapproving way for a kind of woman who looks very ugly and is of old age.

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