What Does The Word Blessed Mean?


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Blessed means is truly rewarded by god that is giving the honor to some grace of sprint
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The word blessed is defined as someone of something which is highly favoured or fortunate by a divine grace or power, or someone who has been rewarded by God. It also refers to God or a supreme power that is worthy of worship, such as the Blessed Trinity.

It is used as a synonym of the word blasted, in case of expletives which are used in a informal tone as intensifiers. In another context, the word blessed is also used as a synonym of the word beatified. Among the faithful in the Roman Catholic community, the word blessed is used to proclaim a person as one of the blessed and therefore, as a consequence of him or her having been blessed, the person is truly worthy of veneration (deep respect).

A blessed person enjoys the bliss of heaven and is often characterised by happiness and good fortune. This good fortune has been bestowed upon or conferred upon him or her. It is sometimes used in combination and is followed by the words with and a noun.

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