What Does The Word Venerable Mean?


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The word venerable is defined as (someone who is) by impressive by virtue of his or her age and experience. It also means august or profoundly honoured. In other words, a person is said to be venerable when he or she is deeply respected and held in high esteem by others by virtue of his or her age and experience.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the word Venerable is spelt with a capitalised letter V. It is a title which attributed to those saints who had lived a monastic or eremitic life (in other words, the austere lives which are often associated with monks and hermits). It is considered to be equivalent, or sometimes superior, to the plain title of Saint which precedes the first names of all the saints.

The word venerable means someone who is able to call forth respect through his or her age, character and achievements. A venerable person is one who been made sacred especially by religious or historical association.

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