What Does The Word "Tart" Mean?


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The word 'tart' refers to something that has a sharp and heady flavour, generally used to refer to something that is sour in taste. It refers to a food item, the taste of which is harsh to the tongue. The word is also used to denote a manner of speech which is especially bitter or blunt in the way it is spoken as well the connotation of the spoken comment. The word tart is derived form the Old French word 'teart' which means 'severe'.

A tart also refers to a kind of dessert item, a pastry shell that may have various fillings like chocolate of lemon mousse; it is basically a small pie. These kinds of tarts are savoured in European countries, especially the United Kingdom.
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Tha word "tart" means like say you had some sour stuff or some sweat stuff that is what it mean if something is sour or sweat.does that answer your question.

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