What Does The Name "Finley" Mean?


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Finley is a variant of the famous name "Finlay." The name is usually given to males hailing from Scotland and Ireland. Finley is the Anglicized form of Fionnlagh, which means "white warrior." In other words, a fair skinned brave person is referred to as "Finlay" or "Finley."

Finley is a rare male first name but it continues to be a popular surname.

Here are some of the famous names bearing the term Finley:

• Steve Finley-A major league baseball centre fielder who plays for the San Fransico Giants.
• Chuck Finley- former left-handed pitcher from America for Major league basket ball team, representing California Angels.
• Finley group-It is the name of the Italian rock group which sings in both Italian and English.
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Finley is gaelic/finlay is the scottish variant. But yes does mean warrior.
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It means warrior of the west

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