What Does The Phrase Throw My Hat In The Ring Mean?


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'To throw my hat in the ring' is an American phrase which means to enter a competition, especially to announce your representation for a political post. The phrase originated way back in the early 19th century. The 'ring' pertains to the 'boxing ring' or any other ring in which a competition is to be fought.

'Throwing your hat in the ring' is a way of announcing that you are ready to take on anybody from the crowd. The first use of the phrase was reportedly in the year 1912, when Theodore Roosevelt declared his intent to confront William Howard Taft for the battle of the US presidency. Since then, the phrase 'throw my hat in the ring' has caught on. In fact, when Shirley Temple, the former child star declared her candidacy for Congress way back in 1967, the New York Times cleverly declared that she had thrown her 'curls in the ring.'

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