How Do You Say 'Touch' In French?


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The Englih verb “to touch” is toucher  (pronounced too-shay) in French.

How To Use “Toucher” You can find present-tense conjugations of toucher online, but it’s more likely that you’ll want to use it in the past tense.

The passé composé is the most commonly-used form of the past tense in French, so here’s toucher in the passé composé, with examples of how to use it.

  • Je l’ai touché– “I touched it”
  • Tu m’as touché – “You touched me”
  • Il/elle/on a touché le sapin- “He/she/one touched the tree”
  • Nous nous avons touché – “We touched each other”
  • Vous m’avez touché – “You touched me” (plural or formal singular)
  • Ils/elles ont touché le chat – “They touched the cat.” If it's a girl and a boy who touched the cat, you’d use ils, as the male pronoun is always used if you’re talking about a group made up of both genders.
Hope this helps, and good luck speaking French!

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