What Does Oeuvre Mean?


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The word "oeuvre" means one of two things. It either refers to a work or piece of art or it may refer to the sum or total of an artist's lifework. The artist may be painters, composers or writers. An oeuvre may either be the entire work of an artist or just a certain part of it. With reference to them it can be mentioned as Picasso's oeuvre, Rembrandt's Oeuvre etc. The word "oeuvre" in the English is believed to have been taken from the French word "oeuvre", in turn taken from the Old French "uevre". It is derived from the Latin word "opera" which the plural of the Latin word "opus" meaning work.

Synonyms of Oeuvre include work and body of work. The word "Oeuvre" in "oeuvre" in Dutch, "uvre" in French, "oeuvre" in German, "opera" in Italian and "obra" in Spanish.

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