What Does Forlorn Mean?


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The adjective "forlorn" means "the feeling of being sad or distraught because of being deserted." The word is often witnessed to be in usage in romantic literature and poems. The very feeling of being deprived or forsaken can make a person feel forlorn. When a person is forlorn, he or she feels isolated and left-out. A forlorn feeling can cause a person to feel despondent and traumatic. As a figure of speech, the word can also be personified. For, instance let us look at the figure of speech 'personification' used in the sentence for forlorn: The forlorn stadium lies vacant; a place once being a haven for players and sport enthusiasts.

Words like abandoned, deserted, desolate, pitiful, derelict, deject, forsaken are some of the synonyms of the word "forlorn." Forlorn ideally implies two things: a state of loneliness and a sense of despair, and more often than not, the former is the reason for the latter.
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The word forlorn is used to represent something/ someone’s appearance due to being in a sad state of pitiful condition. It means “to appear sad or lonely because of being abandoned’. It represents a state of being sad, unhappy, dejected, despondent, pitiful and hopeless. Its use in sentences is as follows:

  • She seems forlorn after the death of her child.

  • The abandoned houses by the roadside presented a forlorn picture

  • Whenever he recalled the past, he couldn’t help but appear forlorn.
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Although the old train station is going thru a slight apparent renovation, it still looks rather forlorn.

I found her sitting on the front porch; She had been crying all afternoon, and she had an unmistakable forlorn look that seem to be heavily pronounce under the shadows of the great oak tree. - more at

we passed thru what appear to be a ghost-town with forlorn tumbledown buildings and forlorn landscapes that dominated the scene, and to our surprise we found a mother and child living under wretched, and forlorn conditions. - more at

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