What Does Gideon Mean?


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Gideon is a Hebrew origin and is mostly referred to as a boy's name. It generally means "feller of trees; powerful warrior and also Destroyer." In the Bible Gideon relates to Jerubbaal, a hero as well as a judge of Israel who has won numerous battles, with his shrewd and skilful planning and most of all with his faith. He also gave the title of 'a man of faith' in the Epistle to the Hebrews. The four different forms of Gideon are Gideone, Gidi, Gidon and Hedeon.

Gideon also refers to a 1980 album by Kenny Rogers. It also stands as an abbreviation to the Global Infectious Disease Epidemiology Network, which is a medical verdict support apparatus. Way back in the year 1999, Gideon was also named as a film, in which Christopher Lambert starred and it was also named a song that was sung by the indie rock band My Morning Jacket.
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Gideon is a masculine name. It has Biblical English and Jewish usages. The name is also included in Hebrew scripts. It refers to the meaning hewer or feller in Hebrew. Gideon was also a hero of the Old Testament. There he represented as the leader of the Israelites against the troops of Midi.

Gideon was also referred for Cadfan ap Iago who was the king of Gwynedd. He assumed the crown of the place around 615 that was considered to be shortly after the Battle of Caerllion or the present Chester. His gravestone is in Llangadwaladr Church. He was wise ruler. He was also just in his decisions. He had been noted for maintaining the law and order situation and peace at the time in British History.
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I wil tell you what it means it means victorious in battle and I am proud to tell you I myself am named Gideon.

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