What Does Ock Mean?


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Short for brother or slang for brother, Muslims say ock, Hebrews say Achi, but all sounds like Ockie
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The word "ock" is a suffix used in the English language. Its purpose is to form diminutives. Examples of its use include bullock or hillock. It is used to refer to the smaller version of something. The slang word bollocks is another example of its use in contemporary language.

"Ock" is also the name of a river in Sussex. The catchment area of the River Ock is in the wide and low lying valley found in South Oxfordshire. The river originates very close to Little Coxwell and finally ends up into the River Thames at Abingdon. Formerly the river was known for the species of native crayfish and several species of freshwater fish that inhabited its waters. Due to extended development along the river their numbers are believed to have declined considerably.

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