What Does Rochelle Mean?


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Rochelle is feminine name. It is of French origin, meaning 'little rock'. It is also the name of several places across the United States of America. There are cities called Rochelle in the states of Georgia, Illinois and New York. In addition there is a city called Rochelle in Guillermo in the South American nation of Argentina.

Rochelle salt is a double salt whose scientific name is Potassium sodium tartrate. It was prepared for the first time way back in 1675 by Pierre Seignette. He was an apothecary from La Rochelle in France. As a result potassium sodium tartrate is also called Seignette salt and Rochelle salt.

La Rochelle is the name of several places in France. It is also the name of a South African suburb. World famous chef and restaurateur Hiroki Sakai owns a restaurant called La Rochelle.
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Rochelle is a word that is considered as a feminine one and it is used only by the French people or the people who can trace their origin in France. The meaning that you can figure out from the word is 'little rock'.

The word is also considered as a variant of Rocco that can trace its origin in the Italian language. The meaning that the word conveys is that of 'rest' and is derived from a Germanic element 'hork'. This name is also very famous one and one of the most famous bearers of the name was the fourteenth century saint who had the credit to nurse the victims of plague. But while doing so he himself caught the disease and considered as the patron saint of sick.
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My middle name is Rochelle and it means little rock
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My middle name is Rochelle and it does mean small rock

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