What Does Lock Out Tag Out Mean?


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Lockout Tagout refers to a safety procedure that prevents machines from being turned on, due to their hazardous and dangerous qualities, during maintenance and repair work. This form of procedure is usually used in industrial and research facilities that use high powered machines.

How does it Work?
  • A lock and clasp covers the power source which ultimately prevents the machine from turning on. In order for people to know that the machine should not be turned on, a tag is put on, to accompany the lock, indicating that the machine should remain dormant.
The Procedure
  • There are four main steps that workers have to carry out in order to complete the lockout tagout process successfully. The power source needs to be isolated so there are certain tasks that need to be carried out.
  • Firstly, the individuals involved need to identify where the power source is for the machine in question as that is the hazard that could cause some danger while they work on its problems.
  • The next step is to isolate the power source so this is when they will lock the outlet to prevent any way of turning the machine on.
  • They will continue with the process by attaching a tag to the lock to warn other individuals that this machine should not be activated because people are carrying out maintenance or repair work.
  • Lastly, the workers will have to test that the lockout tagout procedure has worked so they can begin carrying out their service safely.

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