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Igneous is a type of rock. There are three main umbrella terms used to describe rocks: Sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.

Igneous rocks are formed through the transformation of metamorphic rocks. The metamorphic rocks underground are heated to extreme temperatures by the earth's internal heat. These melted minerals are forced around the inside of the earth and over thousands of years will rise to the earth surface through a process called uplift; as they do so will cool and therefore harden into what we call igneous rocks. These types of rock take a very long time to form and are known to be the oldest type of rock.

The speed at which the magma is cooled results in different rock types within that one umbrella term of igneous. These sub types include: Granite, basalt, quartz, pumice and tuff amongst many others. These are some of the most well known of the igneous rocks. Igneous rocks can form both inside the earth (intrusive) and outside (extrusive). The process I mentioned earlier is the usual intrusive formation type; however some igneous rocks are formed outside the earth surface.

So how are these extrusive igneous rocks are formed? Well, mainly in volcanic eruptions. This speeds up the process of igneous formation significantly as magma is forced through the earth's surface through a point of weakness. This magma cools rapidly in comparison to that which forms underground and forms igneous rocks very quickly. The strength, beauty, and heat resistance qualities of this rock type mean it has all sorts of uses from kitchen benches to wall tiles.
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Igneous is an adjective that means something relating to, of, or characteristics of fire. In its geological sense it relates to mostly rock that is formed after it solidifies from a molten state. It is the kind of rock that is found near volcanoes and has been formed after the lava and magnum that flows out of the mountain solidifies.

The word Igneous comes from the Latin word "igneus" meaning "fire". The Latin was used frequently to refer to fire, for instance "Abite a me in ignum eternum" or "go away from me into eternal fire". "ignum eternum" or eternal fire in this sentence refers to hell.

Synonyms of igneous include pyrogenic and fiery. Generally something formed by intense heat or fire is referred to as igneous.
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The word Igneous may either mean something that is generated under a state involving severe heat, especially from molten magma. It may also refer to anything that is related to or suggesting fire.

Igneous rocks get structured when magma gets cooled and then solidified, with or without the occurrence of crystallization. They can occur either under the surface as plutonic rocks or on the surface as volcanic rocks. Igneous rocks constitute around ninety five percent of the Earth crust surface, but they are hidden under a thin wide layer of rocks that are either sedimentary or metamorphic.

Igneous rocks are very significant to the geological structure for a variety of reasons. For instance, their minerals and chemistry provides important data regarding the composition of the mantle, from where some igneous rocks are removed.
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Igneous rocks are one of the type of three kind of rocks namely Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks and Igneous Rocks. Igneous Rocks are formed from Molten Lava. When Lava cools and solidifies it is called Igneous Rock. Igneous Rocks are formed both outside and inside earth. When they are formed on earth's surface they are called Extrusive and when formed inside earth they are called intrusive. Some examples of Igneous rocks are Scoria, Pumice, Granite and Obsidian.

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Rock that is formed after it solidifies from a molten state.
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Igneous rock is one of the three main rock types based on the method of its formation. It is also referred to as platonic or volcanic rock depending on where it formed. In a nutshell, to be classified as igneous, a rock must have crystallized and solidified from molten rock (magma) either below ground (intrusive igneous rock) or at or near the surface (extrusive igneous rock).
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Igneous means  a type of rock which is 1 out of 3 different rocks.
This is a smooth type of rock.

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