What Does Snub Mean?


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The word snub when used as a transitive verb means ignoring or behaving coldly toward. It may be used as a synonym for the term slight. It could mean turning down, dismissing or frustrating the expectations of. It may denote checking or stopping by means of a cutting retort. In nautical terms it could mean turning (either a cable or rope running out) swiftly about a cleat or post in order to check its movement. It may mean securing (a vessel, for instance) in this manner. It could mean stubbing out (a cigarette, for instance).

As a noun it may be used to mean an intentional slight or affront. In this case it could refer either to the act or to the instance of snubbing. In nautical terms it would mean a sudden checking, such as of a cable or rope running out.

When used as an adjective it means unusually short.

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