What Does Meso Mean?


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Meso is a Greek prefix. It means middle or mid and is often used with Latin terms. It indicates the middle part of a structure. Most often it is teamed with a compound known as meso compound or meso isomer. It contains molecules that have two or more asymmetric atoms which are also known as stereocentres. They are optically inactive or achiral in nature which is due to the presence of an internal plane of symmetry. Thorax or tarsus or one of the isomers in tartaric acid is a meso compound.

Some of the other words that begin with meso are mesosphere and mesocyclone. Mesosphere is the atmospheric layer above the stratosphere and below the ionosphere. It is the third layer of the atmosphere above Earth's surface. Mesocyclone is a rotating shaft of rapidly rising air within a storm. It often signals the development of a tornado.

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