What Does The Name Triceratops Mean?


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The word "triceratops" is the name of a genus of dinosaur that lived in North America between sixty eight and sixty five million years ago. The name is derived from three Greek words which when put together mean literally "Three-horned face". The Greek words were "tri" or three, "ceras" meaning horn and "ops" or face. The Genus "Triceratops" consisted of herbivorous animals that came under the Family of "Ceratopsidae", in the Order of "Ornithischia", within the Class of "Sauropsida" of the Phylum "Chordata" in the Kingdom of "Animalia".

They can be referred to as the Rhinos of an extinct age. They reached nearly eight meters in length, three meters in height and could weigh more than six tons. They were characterized by their enormous heads that bore three horns one of which emanated from the snout.
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Its the name of a genus of dinosaur's that lived in north america 60 or 80 million years ago

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