What Is The English Translation Of "Yo Te Quiero Mucho Yo Hablo Espanol"?


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This is actually two Spanish sentences, not one. The literal translations of these statements are as follows:

"Yo Te Quiero Mucho" - "I love you very much"

"Yo Hablo Espanol" - "I speak Spanish"

However the first sentence - "Yo Te Quiero Mucho" - could be understood to mean "I love you so much", "I want you" or "I love you a lot" depending on the feelings of the person who has said it.

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It means "I like or love you a lot".
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I know it has been 2 years ago that this was asked and perhaps you already have a new lover for a long time but indeed "Yo te Quiero" means word by word I You Love or in English I love you, however there's another sentence "Yo hablo español"which means I speak spanish
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idioma singular , se habla en gran cantidad de regiones ademas tiene gran cantidad de palabras de gran belleza
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  I believe it means: I want it very much, I speak spanish. It's not one sentence's really two thoughts.
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I agree with alfowl80 its not one sentence together. Yo te quiero mucho means I like you a lot or very much. Then, Yo hablo español literally means I speak spanish.

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