What Does Evasive Mean?


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Evasive is an adjective. When something or someone is evasive, it is said to be avoiding something. For example: he gave me evasive answers. Here the person concerned was not willing to answer questions directly. He was avoiding talking about something. Evasive is also used to describe something that is not constant. Anything which goes for nothing or is not clear termed evasive. Another example: the driver took evasive action to avoid hitting an old lady. This sentence indicates that the action was taken to avoid being injured or harmed.
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Elusive means having a tendency to escape. David Kline quoted something as "an invisible cabal of conspirators, each more elusive than the archterrorist [himself]". Elusive is derived from the Latin word l sus. It is something that can be tricky to detect or grab by the mind.

On the other hand, evasive means deliberately vague or ambiguous. Another meaning applicable to it is an act of avoiding or evading from complexity or danger especially enemy fire. Evasive could also mean inclined or intended to evade. Another meaning is skillful at eluding capture.

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