What Does Submissive Mean?


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Agape love in marriage:
Husband ~ "An overwhelming desire of a husband to give of himself to his wife, for her
benefit, no matter what the costs to him."

Wife ~ “An overwhelming desire of a wife to give of herself to her husband, for his
benefit, no matter what the costs to her.”

Biblical submission ~ Submission is respecting our Lord and falling under the authority that He has established for the home. You and your spouse
“model” that so that your sons and daughters will learn from the model what that is about. Submission is a directive to both the husband and the wife.

Submission has nothing to do with inferiority. It has to do with dignity, equality and unity. It is Christ-like.

The spirit-filled believer is a submissive follower of Jesus. Just as Jesus, in coming to earth as very God, submitted himself to the cross.

Spousal and Parental authority~ is not a synonym for tyranny. If, as a wife, you are abusive to your husband, it is not right. It is sinful. If you are unfair in your role as spouse, it is not Christ-like, it is sinful.

The wife who understands God’s plans willingly places herself under the authority of her husband, and she does so confident that God will honor that.

Submission does not mean being a doormat or submitting to abuse. An honorable, Godly man, will be a man who makes all choices with these two things in mind. 1. Does this honor God? 2. Is this in the best interest of my wife and family? The man who makes his decisions based on these two principals will find that his wife will feel safe submitting to him.

Submission is a conscience decision to submit to the leadership of another person in authority over you.
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To be obedient

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