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A ‘link’ is a connection and the word can be used in many different contexts. For example, when you see instructions on the Internet to click onto a particular link, it means the web address that someone has placed there. Once you have clicked onto it you will be directed to a new page, in other words the web address was the link connecting the two pages.

A link can also be a part of a structure that connects the different pieces together, for example, chain links in a fence.

Very often, the term links is used to describe a string of sausages. If there are a prescribed number of sausages in the string, then you would be able to say how many links you have got. Again, the word is used to describe something that is connected together.

For a surveyor or an engineer, a link is 7.92 in (20.12 cm) unit of length in a chain of a hundred links.

Sometimes the word is used in reference to past times, such as ‘that photograph is a link to the past’, once more describing something that is connected.

Golf courses can be described as links; the objective of the game is to play one hole after the other, therefore the successful completion of one hole leads onto the next one and so they are connected.

The word, link, is sometimes used to describe a unit in a communications system such as relay radio where messages go from one to another in succession.

A bridge could be described as a link because it connects one piece of land to another, whether that is a tiny bridge over a stream or a huge piece of engineering like the Severn Bridge.

So, to conclude a link is something that connects one thing to another.
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A link is a connection
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