What Does The Name Dino Mean?


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It means giant sour means lizard
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Dino is a well known male given name it is originally pronounced as DEE-no. It is mainly of Spanish and Italian origin and a short form for ending names like Bernardino. It is also a diminutive of the name Dean.

Quiet a few well known people share this first name for example, Dino Jelusic who is a famous Croatian singer, musician and songwriter. He was also the winner of the initial Junior Eurovision Song Contest conducted in the year 2003.

Dino was originally born in Pozega, on June 4th 1992 and is currently based in Zagreb along with his family. At the JESC he performed the song "Ti si moja prva ljubav" and bagged a total of 134 points. The English adaptation of the song goes as "You Are My One and Only".
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Thank you. I have learnt so much I didn't. And though Dino said he was Italian and came here when he was 3, he still has a noticeable Italian accent. And how many Italian men cook? Usually it's the women and the girls, from my experiences as a well known "brilliant, highly recommended" (this time write your own reference Helen) teacher with a well documented record of having an eye for detail, and an ear for languages.
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