Can You Example Of Initial, Medial And Final Consonant?


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Final consonants:
B in crib, tub, robe, tube, web
G in dog, jug, rug, wig, bag
S in class, dress, vase, glass,
N in crown, lion, moon, mitten
Other final consonants are d, f, k, l, m, p , r, t, v and x.

Initial Consonants:
B in boat, book, bag, bus, box.
Y in yard, yarn, yogurt
N in needle, nest, net

Medial Consonants:
K in skin
Z in zoo
N in plan

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Initial Consonant is the beginning consonant sound of a word. Example: bottom "b" is the initial consonant;  Medial is the middle consonant:  Bottom  "t" is the medial consonant sound;  Final is the ending consonant sound: Bottom  "m" is the final consonant sound.
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