What Does Priggish Mean?


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The word priggish is obtained from prig. The origin of the word prig is unknown. Anything that relates to prig is termed priggish. Prig is an overly sophisticated person. His behaviour shows high propriety. A prig could also be a petty thief or pilferer. Priggish means genteel, precise, prim, prissy, proper, prudish, puritanical, strait-laced, stuffy, old-maidish and blue-nosed. The term Victorian also implies priggish.

When something is done in such a way, the manner in which it is done addressed as priggish. Priggish forms the adverb priggishly. Priggish mannerisms are often irritating. For example: a priggish maid escorted us to the living room. It indicates that her behaviour was not natural. It was polite but hollow or ostentatious.

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