What Does Definitive Mean?


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As an adjective, definitive implies something precisely defined or explicit. It could mean conclusive; or, supplying or being a closing settlement or decision. It could be used to mean authoritative and complete. Definitive may mean authoritative, that is, of recognized authority or excellence. In terms of the field of biology it usually refers to fully formed or fully developed, as a structure or an organ. It could mean quintessential or serving as an ideal example. As a noun the term definitive is used in grammar denoting a word which defines or limits.

A definitive in philately refers to a common issue postage stamp, making up part of a complete series, which covers all available denominations.

The adverb form of the word definitive is definitively while the noun form of the word is definitiveness. The word definitive has its roots in the Middle English word diffinity; which comes from the Anglo-French word definitive; which is from Latin definitivus; which comes from definitus.

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