What Does Oke Mean?


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The word 'oke' is used in many languages and each usage has its distinct meaning. The Japanese word 'oke' means orchestra. Thus, it used along with the word 'kara' meaning empty to form 'karaoke'. We all know the word, karaoke. Karaoke was the invention of Kisaburo Takaji of Nikkodo Company. As a Turkish word, oke means 'Turkish and Egyptian weight that equals to about 2. It could also mean 'Hungarian and Wallachian measure that equals about two and a half pints. Wallachia refers to the southeast region of Romania which is a part of Romania.

Oke is also used a name, generally in the Turkey regions. It is used as a masculine as well as a feminine name. The meaning of the word 'oke' is not applicable when it is used as a name. Oke literally means 'Princes Houses. Oke were the branches of Japanese Imperial Family.

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