What Does Distinct Mean?


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Distinct means easy to perceive. It is an indication that an object is very clearly defined or outlined. It refers to anything that is easily recognisable. A thing is distinct if it is different from the other objects. When two things are dissimilar and have nothing in common then they are said to be distinct. Thus it means to be marked out from other things.

Distinguish is a word that is similar to distinct. The Latin form of this word is distinctus. It is pronounced as di-'sti[ng](k)t. it is an adjective. Separate, notable, discrete, diverse etc are the synonyms of distinct. He has a distinct accent; he has made a distinct contribution to his field etc are some of the examples about the usage of this term.
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It means obscure. Blurry and unable to see very well.
It's a short answer, but I hope it helps.
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It means to be distinguished as not being the same; not identical; separate
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