What Does Ruined Mean?


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The word "ruined" means a number of things including something that is physically or morally destroyed, something that is brought to its ruin, something that has been doomed to extinction or some place that is no longer fit for habitation. Synonyms of the word ruined include destroyed, finished, done for, blasted, desolate, sunk, undone, devastated, washed up, wasted and ravaged. The word "ruined" has been taken from the Middle English word "ruine" taken from the Old French and derived from the Latin word "ruere" meaning collapse or rush.

Examples of how the word is used practically are "I was born brilliant, education ruined me", "the shelling during the war left the ch√Ęteau ruined, and when the family returned they had to look elsewhere for accommodation" and "If you don't lend me this money my business will be ruined".

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