What Does Indignation Mean?


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Indignation is a feeling of righteous anger. A few examples include 'His insulting insinuations filled her with indignation' or 'indignation is usually experienced by people who are falsely accused'. It is usually evoked when an innocent person is treated with meanness, unkindness or injustice. Indignation is an abstract noun. Its adjective form is indignant and adverb form is indignantly. For instance 'When the woman took his courtesy for granted he was very indignant indeed'.

Coincidentally the month long gay pride parade in Singapore in August 2005 is also called IndigNation. It coincides with Singapore's fortieth National Day celebrations. It was originally meant to be a series of Lesbian Gay Transgender events. It was purposely organized to be very quiet and orderly in sharp contrast to Nation Parties also a gay event which was banned for its raucousness.

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