What Does 'Hover' Mean?


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Lingered, stayed suspended
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Hover means "to be suspended in the air or afloat in the air." The word is usually used with a helicopter or birds which "hover in the sky." A state of lingering or remaining in a certain place is also known as "to hover around." For example, consider the usage of the word in the sentence:

"The prankster refused to leave the class and kept on hovering around the head."

In the above sentence, "hovering around the head" is used metaphorically; the phrase meant that the boy was lingering constantly at a particular place, proving to be a constant source of irritation to the teacher.

The act of remaining in a vague or uncertain condition is also known as "to hover." For example: The temperature hovered between acute cold and freezing point. Incidentally, hover is also an option in the Microsoft Internet Explorer to remove the permanent underline from the hypertext links. The underline is displayed only when the cursor moves around or hovers around the link. The hover option is in: Tools-Internet Options-Advanced-Underline Links.

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