What Does Aphrodite Mean?


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Aphrodite was said to be the Greek goddess of love, lust, beauty and sexuality. Her Roman counterpart was goddess Venus. Though frequently addressed in the modern culture as "The Goddess of Love", it is vital to note that this was not love in a Christian or passionate sense, but particularly Eros (physical or sexual attraction).

Aphrodite had quiet a few counterparts like Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Turan and Venus. The epithet Aphrodite Acidalia was at times added to her name. She was also known as Kypris or Cytherea after her supposed birth-places in Cyprus and Cythera.

Aphrodite was often linked and portrayed with the seam dolphins, doves, swans, pomegranates, apples, myrtle, rose and lime trees. Aphrodite also has a festival of her own, which was known as Aphrodisiac and was celebrated all across Greece mainly in Athens and Corinth.
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Aphrodite was said to be a beautiful affestuinet girl and said to be the GOD of love

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