What Does Precocious Mean?


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Precocious means      Developed more than is natural or usual at a given age; exceeding what is to be expected of one's years; too forward...
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You are mature and smarter than maybe you should be and you know that and are kinda bratty about it.
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The word precocious is used as an adjective and most of the times the word is used for a child who has developed a particular ability to do something at a much younger age than what is considered normal. If not always, almost always the word is being used in a disapproving manner and the following sentence can make you understand the word well: Jack is a precocious child and he started his acting career even at the age of five.

Another sentence that further elaborates the meaning of the word is following: From an early age Carolina displayed a precocious talent for the Piano and later turned into good music director.

You can form the noun also out of this word and the noun is precocity or precociousness.
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I don't know but I hope someone does because I really want to know!

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